SUPER SUNDAYA record Sunday – all 10 teams that played at home this Sunday won in style.Congratulations to :
V16-1 who beat Lokomotief 63 – 50M22-1 who beat Orange Lions Academy 74 – 63M16-1 who beat The Challengers 69 – 46M18-4 who beat De Marels 100 – 39 M14-1 who beat Celeritas Donan 114 – 52M18-1 who beat United Academy 94 – 57X14-3 who beat BV Early Bird 78 – 35V20-2 who beat the Harlemlakers 70 – 20 V16-1 who beat Lokomotief 63 – 50M20-1 who beat Blue Stars 120 – 47 
Unbelievable day! Well done everyone

NBB Champions

HOT OFF THE PRESSIn other news, we already have some group winners in our house.The following teams won yesterday making it to the top of their group as the season draws to an end. X12-3 – Coaches Ronald Witte and Marcel KlarenbeekM22-1 – Coach Wierd Goedee and Mark ZijlstraM22-2 – Kany NuglozeM18-5 – Coach Casper van der Kruit X14-2 – Coach Erwin Philips