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  2. Met een flitsende start wint Apollo overtuigend van Landstede Hammers
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  5. Apollo in de tweede helft onderuit in Leiden


Join the Apollo Connects program for 2021/2022

Sports unites people, and what better way is there to connect/unite than through basketball. Through the Connects program, we offer you two season tickets for Apollo Amsterdam and the best games Belgium and the Netherlands have to offer, drinks before every home game, six inspirational clinics and the chance to network with like minded enthusiasts.

The Apollohal, home of Apollo Amsterdam, has always been the place where people discover their love of basketball, develop their skills, see their heroes play and get the chance to be the next star.

With your help, we can continue to give young talent in Amsterdam the opportunity to grow and give them the chance to be the stars of tomorrow! Together with our experienced veterans, they will play against the best teams in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With the help of our Pro team and our Apollo Connects members, we want to develop and grow basketball in Amsterdam. In the next few years, the goal of Apollo Amsterdam is to ‘double the number’; not only in basketball fans, but also players and coaches on every level.

Do you want to become an Apollo Connects member for the 2021/2022 season, or do you want more information? Send an email to

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