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Courtney Smalley

Courtney Smalley is een in Nederland gediplomeerd Amerikaanse fysiotherapeut met diploma’s van de New York University en The European School of Fysiotherapie met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring in sport- en orthopedische revalidatie, kracht en conditionering.

Courtney Smalley is an Dutch liscensed American physical therapist with degrees from New York University and The European school of Fysiotherapie with over 15 years of sports and orthopedics rehabilitation, strength and conditioning experience.

Courtney is aanwezig in de Apollohal op maandag, woensdag en vrijdag vanaf 17:30. Courtney is ook te bereiken op 06-81470405 of strongfysio@gmail.com.

Courtney is present in the Apollohal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:30. Courtney can also be reached on 06-81470405 or strongfysio@gmail.com.

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