Scheidsrechterszaken (Reffing-affairs)

This page is in English due to its relevance for all members. In Dutch basketball, we differentiate between different ref skill levels. These levels are set with BS-licenses in which BS stands for “basketball scheidsrechter” which means basketball referee. We have:

  • 1. BS2 level: which is the basic credentials that all members should have or get.
  • 2. BS3 level: which is the second level, allowing refereeing of higher level games in more ambitious leagues of both junior and senior level.
  • 3. BS4 level: that allows referees to ref important national league basketball.

At BCApollo, our referee group consists of players and non-players alike. Sometimes parents decide to help out as refs too. They are welcomed to take on this  challenge! On this page we share a few key insight and we answers questions that are relevant for BS2 and BS3 BCApollo referees. Those answers also reflect the difference between these two most common levels of referee certification.



 1. What do I need to do and know for BS2?

Through the coordinator for ref-courses (find out who on the course-coordinator is on this page). You can sign up for this course by simply writing an e-mail that you want to be on the waiting list for next course. All 16+members must do so! Especially since games that are refereed by people with no diploma, will result in a club fine. But if you have the BS2 diploma; Congratulations! Here are some important points of attention:

  • 1. As a BS2 ref, make sure you have a proper whistle. We recommend that you get a “Fox-40” whistle. Google it! Or buy it at a local sports shop. The club can not provide compensation for the reffing material needed by BS2 level refs..
  • 2. As a BS2 ref, make sure you always arrive at least 25 minutes before the game.
  • 3. As a BS2 ref, make sure you wear a shirt of the right colour. Red is never an option because that is Apollo’s uniform colour. Remember that the more you lok like a serious ref, the more you will be respected as a serious ref. Showing up without a whistle in a red shirt will not get you a lot of respect.
  • 4. As a BS2 ref, you will be schedules to ref home games only. You can find the schedule with all games and tasks here. Look for your name in this overview if you are a junior member ( under 22). If you are in a senior team then your team number will appear in this schedule, the team coordinator will take on further task planning with his or her team members.

Note that as a BS2 ref, you can sign up to a WhatsApp group in which game tasks are “sold” by (mostly senior) members. It’s a group where people are offered €20,- to ref games that other can’t attend. That rate beats working in a supermarket so drop an e-mail to if you want to be added to that list.



2. I upped my level to BS3. What do I do now?

OK. Welcome to the big leagues! If you choose to do so as a BS3, you can referee games outside of Apollohal earning a more inserting amount doing so. BS3 games earn you a compensation of 10 euro’s or more from the NBB, your travel expenses are compensated, and you get an additional 35€ or more from BCApollo per game. That adds up to 45 Euro’s or more per game! A BS3 ref can:

  • Option A: Choose to just referee regular club games (with some optional 20€ payed games by joining the BS2 WhatsApp group).
  • Option B: Choose to referee less than 12 games a season and make some extra money on times that fit his/her schedule. That can be done by joining the WhatsApp group. Drop an e-mail to if you want to be added to that list. Filling of these tasks are planned and coordinated by BC Apollo. If you are just able to do 1 or 2 games of these, you are already of great help! Games will pay at least 45€.
  • Option C: Choose to become a 60% Apollo referee for the Dutch Basketball Association) NBB. You’ll ref about 12 games a year. The NBB will plan your games based on the availability that you communicate to them. Including travel expenses you’ll make about 600€ per season. That easily covers your contribution and way more!
  • Option D: Choose to become a 100% Apollo referee for the Dutch Basketball Association) NBB. Planning will be done just like option C. You’ll ref about 22 games a year, earning  you around 1100€!

So that covers the different types of games that BS3 refs can apply for. Now here are some points of attention for BS3 refs or anyone that wants to become BS3:

  • 1. You are reffing a bit higher now. Make sure you dress like a proper ref. That means: Get a fox 40, mainly black shoes, the orange ref shirt, and black pants that are long. If you are joining as a 60% or 100% ref (option C or D above), you can send your invoice for buying this to the club. We’ll pay it for you because you are helping out big time! Order your stuff here. And send your invoice to the penningmeester with the note that you are one of Apollo’s 60% or 100% refs!
  • 2. If you choose to be active in option B, C or D, you are expected to be at the game 45 minutes in advance.
  • 3. If you choose to be active in option B, C or D, then your are asked to travel around Amsterdam to games. You can do so by public transportation, or by car if you have one.
  • 4. If you choose to help out in option C or D, then your planning and availability will be handled by the NBB. When planning, they will keep your own games into account if you are also still playing with a team. You can share your availability in the NBB App. A special feature for planning will appear as soon as the NBB knows that you are an active BS3 ref.
  • 5. Of you choose to help out with option B, C, or D, your planned tasks will appear in the NBB’s Basketball app. This gives you your personal overview on one single page!
  • 6. All NBB compensation will be payed to your IBAN account directly. All compensation from BCAPollo will be payed about once or twice a season for all games that you have reffed until that point.
  • 7. If you have travel expenses, Note that in the iPad, just before you confirm the final score of the game on the iPad. A “notes” files will pop up, allowing you to state your means of transportation. Just write “[yourName] came by car from Amsterdam”. The NBB will do the rest.
  • 8. When referees receive a higher compensation than the maximum volunteer compensation (more than € 180,- per month or € 1,800,- per year, including travel costs), then the official is responsible for submitting a statement to the tax authorities.
  • 9. To understand the details of what is expected of you, Consult the NBB’s “Handboek Arbitrage” which can be found on this page. This also gives insights about dealing with availability or cancelation of games due to injury. Run this thing through Google Translate because it’s really must-know-info!
  • 10. If you choose to be active in option B, C or D, you are often reffing with insanely experienced refs. If you are a new ref, make sure your colleague knows. Ask for his or her advice, and you can even asks the other refs to help call would in areas of the field that you are responsible for. As with all refereeing issues, communication is really important here!
  • 11. If a fee exists for your participation in the BS3 course, then the club will cover your costs if you commit to help out in ways like option B, C or D.
  • 12. If you are a BS3 ref, then join the Facebook ref community. It’s a great place where you can pick up some extra games, or to find a replacement for a game you are signed up for, but can’t attend yourself.

Good news! When you only have BS2 and you commit to the BS3 course, you can sign up for the course, and start reffing these payed games right away! And in those first games you are never alone because there is always an experienced ref by your side! This allows new volunteers to help out (and earn some money) fast!



3. What can I personally do to make an extra Euro and help out the club at the same time?

Ok. We figured this out for you. Check the image (in Dutch) below and start with the top left question. Then work through the overview and see where you end. That is how you can help out, and how you can even earn a few euro’s while doing so!

(Open this image nice and big in a new window please)

 3. Why is all this refereeing stuff so important?

It’s simple. Every regular BCApollo game played needs two qualified BS2 refs. Having qualified refs makes basketball games more enjoyable to play and see. The ref-course teaches you to be more confident both as a ref, and as a person. Then there is the BS3 level reffing. Please note that without your help in this area, BCApollo has zero possibilities to sign up teams to play in higher national leagues. That is because, for every high level team, the NBB asks us to provide one or more BS3 refs. Without BS3 referees, teams can not play high level basketball. So help us out. It’s good for the club, but also for yourself. You’ll find that the BS3 network is a nice group of committed people with love for the game! And you will already be helping us out big time if you can take on less than a handful of games.