Teamcoordinator info:


What is a team coordinator?

Senior teams are managed and linked to club affairs through a teamcoordinator. The teamcoordinator is a designated contact who takes responsibility for a set of tasks.


What tasks does a coordinator pick up?

  1. forwarding issues raised by teammates to the Apollo organisation through the senior-committee.
  2. organise ordering of uniforms if needed (through ordering form/process)
  3. fair distribution of tasks (ref/table) amongst teammembers as soon as new task planning is communicated. (See task schedule)
  4. monitoring of completion of the team tasks.
  5. organise follow up of set-up or clean-up of the Apollohal on gamedays when your team plays and your team has been given te responsibility to do so (see task schedule when that needs to be done and read the scoreboard manual to understand how this is done)
  6. help make sure that all teammembers follow up on club rules and guidelines regarding reffing certification etc. All team members need at least a BS2 license.
  7. make sure team members know how to work with the score-keeping-tablet, and how to work the scoreboard before they take part in actual tasks. You can use team-practice to experiment with a tablet or to explain the scoreboard if needed.


Any other advice for team coordinators?

The teamcoordinator is free to delegate one or more tasks above to others in him/her team. The coordinator is not the person that has to do all the tasks personally. The teamcoordinator is only the person that organises the team in such a way that these things actually get picked up and done!

Distribution of tasks is the most important thing. The senior-comitte advise coordinators to distribute tasks to team members directly after the general task schedule is shared on the website. When the coordinator has given tasks to team members, the teammembers themselves become responsible for finding replacement if they can’t make it.